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From cardboard furniture to warehouse palletizing, Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board — cardboard lumber — is available in easy to assemble DIY kits to turn your design into a solid, eco-friendly item.

Industrial Applications

For industrial use, Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board ‘s structural integrity makes it a popular option corner posts, crating, racking, interleaving boards, pallets and displays. Lightweight (one third the weight of wood), completely and easily recyclable, Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are ideal replacements for wood pallets and wood interior blocking and bracing applications.

Easy to cut and configure, these versatile boards are also popular as bases for large, heavy boxes; totes; bins; and, Gaylord boxes, allowing for easy movement using pallet jacks or forklifts, and for secure stacking.

DIY Home Projects

Sawing Alta BoardFor home projects, you’ve never seen a cardboard kit like this! Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are designed for heavy-duty industrial use, and you can bring that industrial-strength performance to any design you can imagine. Some of the many projects DIY-ers have built include:

  • Tables
  • Doll houses
  • Playhouses
  • Pet houses
  • Indoor chairs
  • Patio furniture
  • Cardboard furniture items such as tables and stools
  • Corn hole games (also known as “bags”)

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are 100 percent recyclable, lightweight but strong, and come in kits that include 24 boards 48” in length, 48 gussets, 192 fasteners, 3 24” x 48” triple wall sheets, and glue.

The Many Advantages of Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards

Industrial Advantages

Single Cardboard LumberFlexibility is a key advantage of our DIY cardboard kits. For the packaging and shipment of irregularly shaped products and/or heavy products, Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards enable you to get the perfect fit even when every product being shipped has a different shape or size — ideal for return centers, refurbishing departments, mail order fulfillment, and other applications where assembly-line packaging is not feasible.

In addition to flexibility, our kits save warehouse space and reduce cost. Rather than store large quantities of pre-made packaging materials, buy just what you need to cover the orders scheduled for shipment in the days or weeks ahead. And, our cardboard “lumber” is less expensive than wood — along with being easier to recycle. In addition to reducing your material costs, Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards will reduce shipping costs, since our material is two-thirds lighter in weight than wood.

Home DIY Advantages

Cardboard Houses for KidsThere’s an old saying that a workman is only as good as his tools. We can add that a DIY project is also only as good as its raw materials. Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are strong enough to handle whatever you or your family can throw at them, allowing you to enjoy your new chair or table or playhouse today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Because our cardboard lumber is 100 percent recyclable and paper-based, your DIY finished product will be 100 percent eco-friendly! Not only will you be helping the environment, but also your new item will set a great example for your children, friends and family — perhaps inspiring them to get more out of less!

Let’s Talk About Your Project!

The possibilities are virtually endless with Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards. Please contact us for more information or to discuss how Alta® Board may work in your application.



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Possibilities Are Endless…

How to Assemble a Gusset

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