Applications for Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board run the gamut. Our cardboard building material is used for everything from pallets to playhouses, training tools to office tables.

The number of design options for our structural cardboard panels is continually growing, as industrial customers and DIYers put their own ideas in motion. Here are some of the most popular applications — when you order your own cardboard building kit, we hope you can add to the list!

Industrial Applications for Cardboard Lumber

  • saddle-crate-assembly-2Corner Posts — Use our product in place of wood for corner posts to strengthen and stabilize large shipping boxes and protect contents.
  • Crates — Our cardboard building material is perfect for custom-sized crates to encase heavy and/or irregularly shaped products.
  • Interior Packaging — Use Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board to fashion build-up pieces to block, brace and cushion heavy and irregularly shaped items for shipment.
  • Pallets — Tremendous stacking strength makes Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board an ideal alternative to wood. Easy to cut and construct, they are ideal for non-standard or multiple pallet sizes.
  • POP Displays — Heavy-duty yet lighter than wood, and with clean, smooth surfaces, our cardboard lumber makes the perfect material for countertop, window mount and floor standing point of purchase displays.
  • Storage Boxes — Glue our cardboard pallet to a bin box or Gaylord, and you have a perfect storage system for bulk products.

DIY Applications for Cardboard Lumber

  • Cardboard Lumber Corn HoleChairs — Design your own cardboard chair for home, office our outdoor use. (Cardboard ™ Lumber brand Alta® Boards are available with a fire-resistant and moisture-resistant coating.)
  • Corn Hole (Bags) Games — Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board is really catching on for custom, DIY corn hole (bags) games! The cardboard surface is clean and smooth, easy to decorate with whatever design suits you.
  • Dollhouses — Why shop in a big box retail store for a dollhouse just like everyone else has? Create your own cardboard lumber dollhouse and give your kids something to remember for a lifetime.
  • Pet Houses — Save money and create unique space for your pets. Cardboard lumber is strong and provides insulation (that’s why cats love to sleep on newspapers!).
  • Playhouses — Put a smile on your children’s faces with a rugged and unique cardboard playhouse! Our materials can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Tables — Construct square or rectangular tables for your home or office, unique in appearance and strong enough to last.

Who Needs Our Cardboard Lumber Building Kits?

If any of these people sounds like you, it may be time to get started with a Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board construction kit.

  • Cardboard Lumber Assembly KitDIY Enthusiasts — Our kits are a DIYer dream: simple in design, easy to use, but customizable into just about any design you can dream up. Our cardboard lumber is also eco-friendly and easy to recycle, a popular feature in the DIY market.
  • Eco-conscious Consumers — More and more people are going green, and there is no better way to do it than by making furniture, toys and games with our 100 percent recyclable, paper-based cardboard lumber. You’ll set a great example for friends, family and neighbors, too.
  • Cost-conscious Consumers — A DIY cardboard lumber table, chair or playhouse not only gives you exactly what you want, but may save you considerable cash over a high priced retail item.
  • Schools and Educational Clubs — Teach students how to design and build commercial and consumer products by making an item they can proudly use at home.
  • Industrial Manufacturers, Fabricators, Refurbishing and Repair Operations — Our customizable structural cardboard panels are ideal for operations involved with the packaging, storage and transport of heavy and/or irregularly shaped items, as well as for packaging needs that are non-standard or one-off.
    • Our kits save space, because you no longer need to buy large volumes of pre-made packaging materials.
    • Our kits improve cash flow, because you can order just as much material as you need, rather than large volumes to meet manufacturer minimums.
    • Our kits improve packaging quality, because you can customize the item to the exact fit and level of protection you need.
    • Our kits reduce cost, because you’re no longer paying for a manufacturer’s overhead and labor to produce your finished packaging product.
    • Our kits are reusable and recyclable, making them eco-friendly and economical to use.

Ready to get started? Order a kit today and start putting your ideas in action.