Eco-friendly cardboard lounge chairs, tables, couches and other business furniture made from a Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board kit makes a powerful and positive statement about your organization. It tells customers, employees, patrons, guests, suppliers and stakeholders your business is:

  • Concerned about the environment
  • Practical
  • Cost-conscious
  • Imaginative and different

These are all great attributes for your brand! Customers want to know you will be as careful with their money as you are with your own.  They want to know they are doing business with a firm that is unique and exceptional. And more and more, customers are weighting sustainability heavily in their product and service choices.

About Alta® Board Assembly Kits

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are a unique product: heavy-duty cardboard folded into ultra strong, lumber-like two-by-fours strong enough for your cardboard table design, couch design or chair design. Cardboard couch instructions, etc., are not included, but most of our customers enjoy designing their own items. If you want help with design ideas — please contact us!

Each kit includes 24 Alta® boards, 48” long; 48 gussets for making angles, 192 fasteners, 3 24” x 48” triple wall sheets, and white glue. A kit contains enough materials to make four standard chairs or two standard chairs and a standard table. (You can see drawings for these items here and here (PDFs).

Alta® Board assembly kits ship via UPS, and arrive neatly packed in a clean, corrugated shipping box.

Cardboard furniture is ideal for many organizations and business spaces, including:

  • Break rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Government offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Lobbies
  • Lounges
  • Medical practices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

Why Choose Alta® Boards for Your Cardboard Office Furniture

  • Eco-friendly. Alta® Boards are made from paper materials, and are easily recyclable.
  • Ultra strong. Alta® Boards are used for demanding industrial applications such as palletizing and crating heavy products for shipment and storage.
  • Perfect for simple or complicated designs. While the materials in the kit are simple enough for a DIY beginner, they can be used for highly complex lounge chair, table, or couch designs. The only limitation is your imagination.
  • Low Cost, High Quality. When buying office furniture retail, there is always a tradeoff between quality and price. With Alta® Board, you get the best of both worlds: furniture as durable as anything you need — a reasonable price.
  • Attractive, Customized Appearance. You can leave your finished furniture plain to show off its eco-friendliness, or finish it with paint, stain or other decorative finishing items. You decide how elegant or industrial you want your cardboard office furniture to look!

Get Started Now

Ready to give your place of business a fresh look your customers will remember and talk about?

Contact us today to learn more about design options or to answer any other questions you may have. We are eager to assist you.

Or, if you are a DIY-er or have DIY enthusiasts on your team, order a Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board kit now and get to work.