Alta® Boards are used widely for industrial applications and DIY projects of all shapes and sizes. Here are eight of the most important reasons why customers select Alta® Boards for their shipping, packaging, and DIY requirements.

  1. Strength. Alta® Boards have lumber-like strength, making them strong enough to hold up to demanding industrial applications and heavy-duty DIY projects.
  2. Lightweight. While ultra strong, Alta® Boards are one-third the weight of wood. Our assembly kits ship via UPS; an equivalent amount of wood would have to ship on a truck, making it more expensive and extending delivery time.
  3. Eco-friendly. Our materials are paper-based, making them more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives for DIY furniture, playhouses and other items.
  4. Easily Recyclable. Unlike wood or many plastic materials, Alta® Boards are easily recycled. Using our materials helps you improve your carbon footprint and make a powerful statement about the importance of sustainability.
  5. DIY — Unlimited Finishing Options. DIY-ers can flex their creative muscles with Alta® Board. Our cardboard lumber is smooth, clean and porous, making it an ideal surface for painting or applying other decorative finishing products.
  6. DIY — Perfect for Simple and Complex Projects. Even though the items in our assembly kit are simple in design, they can be crafted into items as simple as a basic table or as complex as a bed frame. Alta® Boards are ideal for DIY beginners, veterans, and school or club projects at any skill level.
  7. Industrial — Space Saving. Build your own crates and pallets as needed, saving storage space versus pre-fabricated items that must be ordered in quantity to meet manufacturer minimums.
  8. Industrial — Improved Packaging Performance. Fabricating crates, pallets and interior packaging/blocking/bracing items with Alta® Boards allows you to get a perfect fit every time, even when your product or pallet configuration changes every time.

Ready to give Alta® Boards a try? Order a kit now and get started.