Your cat deserves the best, and with a Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board DIY assembly kit, you can make your cat the happiest and most pampered one in the neighborhood.

Our DIY kits provide all the raw materials you need to make a cardboard cat house, cardboard cat scratcher or any other kind of cat furniture and accessory item you can design. Kits contain:

  • 24 each, Alta® Boards, 48” long
  • 48 each, gussets for making 45-degree and 90-degree angles
  • 192 each, heavy duty fasteners
  • 3 each, 24” x 48” triple wall corrugated sheets
  • White glue

Materials can also be custom-ordered with moisture-resistant and fire-resistant coatings.

Why Cardboard Lumber for Your DIY Cat House

  • Curiosity and Comfort. It’s no secret cats love paper and boxes. What cat doesn’t like to jump in a box, just to check it out? What cat doesn’t like to nap on a newspaper lying on the family room sofa? The combination of curiosity and comfort make paper the ideal material for a cat — and Alta® boards are 100 percent paper-based, and for that reason are 100 percent recyclable.
  • Unique. One big reason people become DIY enthusiasts: to make something completely unique, something that bears the creator’s personal stamp. Designing and building your cat’s house or scratch toy with Alta® Boards allows you to do just that! Kit materials are simple, but flexible enough to accommodate complex designs. So whether you are new to DIY or a skilled veteran, you can tackle a project that meets or challenges your capabilities.
  • Finishing Options. Alta® Boards have clean, smooth surfaces ideal for painting or applying decorative materials.
  • Get the Whole Family Involved. If you have children, they may enjoy taking part in your DIY cat house project by applying their own decorations to your pet’s new home. Not only will they have fun, but also they will get a taste of DIY and perhaps become interested in taking on their own DIY projects. (A cardboard cat scratcher could be an excellent starter project for junior DIY-ers!)
  • Durable. Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are used in tough industrial applications such as crating, palletizing and packaging for heavyweight and oversized products. Our boards are tough enough to stand up to these demanding needs, so unless your cat is a 500-pound Bengal tiger, we’re confident your finished item will hold up to anything your cat can throw at it! 

Get Started Today

The first step in creating your DIY cardboard cat furniture is coming up with a design. Need help brainstorming ideas? Contact us — we hear from customers all the time about their creations and may have some ideas to help you get started.

If you are ready to start building, please order an assembly kit now. Kit materials are shipped in a heavy-duty corrugated container, and contain enough pieces to produce a cat house and one or two other items, depending of course on your design.

If you have something more ambitious in mind — terrific! Let us know if you have special requirements or need multiple kits.