If you’re looking to create a DIY cardboard armchair, cardboard lounge chair, or some other style, a Cardboard Lumber™ brand

Alta® Board Kit will give you everything you need to bring your idea to life.

We have a standard design for a simple cardboard chair, the Cardboard Lumber™ Chair; one kit includes enough material to create four if them. Kit contents:

  • 24 Alta® Boards (1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ x 48″)
  • 48 Gussets (8″ x 8″)
  • 192 Fasteners
  • 3 – 24” x 48” Triple Wall Sheets
  • 12 ounces of glue

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are also available as a custom order with a fire-resistant and/or moisture-resistant coating, so if your cardboard chair ideas are for the outside, our product works wonderfully for patio furniture as well as for indoor seating.

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards have lumber-like strength, but are only one third the weight of wood. The product is easy to cut, customize and decorate, enabling you to make a chair that carries your own, personal stamp.

Cardboard Lumber™ Chair Assembly

chair-rendering-square-flippedFor our standard product, assembly instructions and cardboard chair blueprints are available. The kit includes everything you need except a pencil, hammer, saw and tape measure — and we’re betting even if you are new to DIY, you’ve got those items handy! With only 18 simple steps, you can quickly create one Cardboard Lumber™ Chair, or a roomful.

Bring Your Cardboard Chair Ideas to Life!

Because Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are so easy to work with such simple products (funny how the best ideas are often the simple ones, isn’t it?), they lend themselves to DIY creativity.

Beyond the basic armchair, use our kits to create more elaborate lounge chairs, high back chairs, stools, chairs with built-in storage, love seats, benches, kitchen chairs, dining room chairs, ottomans — the sky is the limit.

We’d love to see your Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board creations, too. Send us a photo of your finished product, and we may display it on our website or blog! Some of the best DIY design ideas come from the DIY community, as you probably know, so we are always looking for new ways that our customers use our kits to create fabulous furniture.

The Perfect Chairs for Your Kids

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board chairs are great for the kids! They are lightweight, making them easy for children to move, and won’t scratch the floor or bruise a foot if they fall over. Not only that, your children can enjoy decorating one of our cardboard chairs with paint, stickers, crayons or glitter — something we’re guessing you wouldn’t want them to do to your dining room set or leather lounge chairs!

The Perfect Chairs for Work

Let your imagination go beyond your home. Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board cardboard chair designs can be perfectly suited for work. Whether you are looking for waiting room chairs, restaurant table seating, or office side chairs, customized chair made from our kits will make your business memorable:

  • Customers, patients and patrons will see furniture that is 100 percent unique, making your business stand out and generating word of mouth endorsements.
  • Customers and staff will see furniture that is 100 percent recyclable and paper-based, giving you and your business a better sustainability profile and setting a great example for the staff, visitors, customers and the community at large.
  • Because Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are affordable — much less expensive than high end or midrange office furniture — you’ll save money. These days, your business can never save too much of that!

Get Started Now

Ready to make DIY cardboard chairs? We’re here to help! Order a kit now, and put your hands and imagination to work. Good luck with your project!