Only two weeks into summer vacation, and seven year-old Sara was already running out of things to do. Her best friends, Nicki and Jimmy, were off at camp. Rain seemed to fall every day. Her little brother, Tommy, wouldn’t leave her alone. To make matters worse, Sara was hoping summer would give her a chance to spend more time with Dad, but he had been busy in his basement workroom on another one of his projects.

That Saturday morning she was glumly eating her pancakes when Dad came to the table with a big, mysterious smile on his face.

“Sara, I have a surprise for you.”

Sara’s eyes lit up. Dad took her to the upstairs loft, with Mom and Tommy not far behind, and there it was: an enormous cardboard playhouse with more rooms than she could count.

“Daddy!” she said.

Sara and Tommy and their friends spent the rest of the day in the playhouse, practically lived there every remaining day of that summer.  Years later, whenever Sara remembered that summer, a little smile would come to her face.

At Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Board, we really believe a DIY kid’s cardboard playhouse is a lot more than a toy: it’s a part of you that becomes part of your kid’s memories, for a lifetime.

Why Build Cardboard Playhouses with Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards

Cardboard Lumber Assembly KitCardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards playhouse assembly kits come with everything you need to construct a playhouse of your own design, for inside or outside use:

  • 24 Alta™ Boards (1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ x 48″)
  • 48 Gussets (8″ x 8″)
  • 192 Fasteners
  • 3 – 24” x 48” Triple Wall Sheets
  • 12 ounces of glue

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are made of cardboard, with lumber-like strength, but only a third the weight. They are easy to cut and customize, and can be ordered with a moisture-resistant and/or fire-resistant coating.

Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards can be painted or decorated just about any way you or your children can think of, so your children can enjoy not only playing in the playhouse, but take a hand in making it!

Because Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards are 100 percent paper-based, they are exceptionally eco-friendly and easy to recycle. Using our kits to make playhouses does something nice for the planet as well as for your children, and sets a great example for them as well.

When you buy a playhouse, you can spend a lot of money for quality, or go the discount route and get an item that may not last an entire summer.

With Cardboard Lumber™ brand Alta® Boards, you get the best of both worlds: a high quality, ultra strong playhouse at a price that won’t break the family budget.

And, because you are creating the playhouse yourself, you’ll get a feeling of satisfaction and pride you’ll never get from any piece of store-bought furniture, no matter how much money you spend.

Ready to get started on a playhouse for your family? Order a kit now and make a playhouse … and some great memories!